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Cyclical Living Bundle

Do you ever feel like a square peg **trying** to fit in a round hole?

Burnt out and fully aware that you were not designed to be living this way?


Our culture today is oriented around a man's 24 hour hormone cycle. As women, we have a monthly cycle. We are quite literally fighting biology to fit into a paradigm that we were simply not created for.

What if I told you that by living in accordance with your monthly cycle, that you could collapse timelines, feel more at-ease in your body, optimize productivity, achieve your fitness goals, live lightly, have more impact, and feel like an absolute MUSE?

All of this and MORE is accessible by simply receiving the framework of your monthly cycle.

Join the Cyclical Living Bundle to tune in and turn on your feminine design for maximum impact and maximum magnetism

In this 60 minute Zoom call, you will learn:

  • How to orient your nutrition, workouts, business, and lifestyle to your monthly cycle

  • Tips and tricks to optimize your productivity and communication

  • How to PLAN your month around your cycle for optimal success and FUN

  • A foundation for a deeper understanding & intuitive relationship with your feminine body

Did you know that any form of high intensity exercise during the luteal phase will result in fat storage and muscle wasting?

Did you know that during your ovulatory phase, you communicate the most clearly so this is the optimal time to plan forward facing events and have difficult conversations? 

That is because we are not talking about it! This is NOT the vibe. It is time for a revolution in women's health - it is time that we OPEN up the conversation and TURN ON our feminine design.

See you in the BUNDLE, love.

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For YOU, only: $44

Bundle and SAVE to get a taste of what Restoring Eve is all about.